Support Services

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Desktop Support

A computer glitch or media defect can have major effects on any organizations day to day operations. Downtime can costs organizations hundreds to thousands of dollars each hour, a simple computer fix could become mission critical for a deadline. Our team of service technicians put you in control of your computing environment with timely, professional and quality desktop support services.

Server Support

A detailed overview of an organizations current server environment is important for present and future considerations. Our expert technicians will make sure your organizations backend server environment is stable, more efficient and predictable resulting in minimal or ideally no downtime. Specializing in all aspects of Windows and Linux server operating systems our expert staff can assist with installation, migration, administration, ongoing maintenance and backup support.

Networking Services

Providing organizations with consulting, implementation and support services for new and existing networks, our in house technicians will design the most cost efficient yet scalable solution for your environment. Our comprehensive network services include; install, troubleshoot, maintain, administer local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), mainframe networks, computer workstations and peripheral equipment all secured behind a recommended firewall to prevent intrusion.

Remote IT Support

Not all situations require On-Site support, our Remote Services team offers services for any of Microsoft infrastructure packages such as Windows Server, MS Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory and Network Security. Working with your in house team we are able to diagnose and assist immediately without the burden of high response costs.

Managed IT Services

RAD Business Solutions Managed IT Services are specifically designed for organizations who don’t necessarily require full time dedicated IT personnel, yet who require support for managing specific elements of their technical environment. RAD Business Solutions Managed IT Services will allow your staff to focus on the your core of your business while we focus on managing your IT needs, resulting in decreased costs, increased ROI and boost long-term success. A major challenge in maintaining a network is having the inability to predict unscheduled downtime; this usually results in a reactive response and ultimately higher costs. RAD Business Solutions Managed IT Services custom software application throws this break-fix model out of the window, the moment a problem is detected our Service technicians will diagnosed and repair remotely to reduce downtime and save your business thousands in lost production.