Specialized Expert Services

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Professional Data Recovery Services

Data is stored on computers for the convenience of drawing information when needed. Unfortunately, Data loss is sometimes inevitable. Our in house data recovery experts will troubleshoot the failure and provide data recovery options from the software level to physical hardware level. Our in-house site Lab is equipped with the industry-leading data recovery hardware and software. Over the years, we have recovered over 50,000TB of data with a 97% success rate. Since an organizations’ data can be strictly confidential, our in-house processes ensure the recovered data will remain in our lab and deleted once the customer takes back possession.

Backup Services

Scheduling full backups followed with regular incremental updates with high capacity drives for use within the company our technicians provide a physical drive for the company to keep, with options for online storage or backup available. Our technicians will come on site for our customers to perform regular checks and maintenance, ensuring everything is running quietly and efficiently.

SEO Optimization

A business website should be asset not a liability, having a business website doesn’t make any sense until it’s making you money. Our experts will understand your business and devise an SEO plan for you target audience. We will then review your current website, create a baseline analysis, and suggest changes. Our services include researching the highest searched terms according to your industry and recommend a list of competitive keywords, set up your site so that it can be found on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc.), Yahoo and Google group submissions and Social media account set up.

The three most important factors that our clients want us to look after are:

On-Site Optimization: This entails researching keywords, targeting keywords, correcting HTML coding errors, implementing optimized Meta tags, fixing broken links, video integration, optimizing page content and all other related work.

Traffic Generation: Every individual client demands heavy traffic on their website which increases their opportunities of attaining new customers while retaining the previous ones. We do this by developing classified advertisement submissions, developing your back links, developing press release submissions as well as directory submissions to more than 350 relevant sites.

Reputation Management: It is of great significance that the good reputation of your business is always in news and your customers speak well of you. We can help you do this by involving the creation of your blogs, building your social networking profiles, social bookmarking and by means of a lot more effective techniques. We use a customer-centric approach and provide the best possible SEO / SEM solutions that help our clients in achieving their business and marketing goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

Recycling Services

Electronic Recycling is an Eco-friendly way to keep up to date and minimize environmental impact. Asset Disposition services can have a positive impact on your IT environments bottom line, allowing higher levels of environmental responsibility without additional cost to your business. Upon your approval, items will be picked up and transferred to our warehouse where our staff will dismantle and recycle. This process ensures 100% data destruction, and we can provide every client with a data destruction guarantee and certification.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows your business to stay flexible in today’s ever changing market, reduces IT management and lowers costs.

When you consider Cloud computing as part of a larger move towards more effective IT management and integration you’ll see the greatest returns on investment. The benefits of the Cloud can only be fully achieved when via Cloud computing your hardware and software work in sync. RAD Business Solutions partnership with Microsoft allows us to go above any beyond the typical Cloud computing organization by offering solutions such as Microsoft’s Sky Drive and Microsoft Office 365. This in conjunction with RAD’s other channel partners and resources allow our customers to take full advantage of the Cloud.

RAD Business Solutions Cloud computing solutions will help you meet both your current and future IT challenges. The infrastructure surrounding Cloud products provides more choice and flexibility with its world-class business IT support, comprehensive end-to-end management, backup solutions, and free Cloud accelerator solutions. All of these functions work for you with just a few easy clicks. As a result, RAD Business Solutions Cloud computing helps you to quickly respond to changes in your business environment and effectively manage resources. Furthermore, RAD Business Solutions Cloud computing can help reduce management complexity and cost while increasing sales productivity and online collaboration.

RAD Business Solutions Cloud computing are based on delivering affordable small business software to you, the user, through a flexible, easily managed infrastructure. RAD Business Solutions customers can choose from private or public Cloud service infrastructure models on a pay per user/per month basis. As a small or medium-sized business you can choose between these infrastructure models or you can combine the models to provide a flexible infrastructure of computing resources that can be easily scaled to meet your changing service requirements. The easiest way to begin to experience the best in small business software is by asking our Account Management team for free trial versions of Office 365, Windows Intune, and Dynamics CRM Online.